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All grade 7 students in St. James School Division will be invited to participate in RESEARCH PROJECT survey. Please contact Mr. Mead if you do not wish to have your child participate.

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1000 Word Photograph Story-Grade 7 LA/SS

1000 Word Story

The saying, “a picture is worth a thousand words,” refers to the idea that complex stories can be described with a single, still image. By examining the content of photographs viewers can often, at a glance, see who was involved, what happened and perhaps even determine where and when the event happened.

Careful consideration of the less obvious details is equally important as they give additional clues that can be used to infer more about what is going on in the photograph.


The Day We Escaped
      A Refugee Story Written By Alleah C.👑 🍟
       7-04 LA/SS
       Ms. Nova

         I awoke with my one year old brother crying in my mothers arms while she was
trying to wake me up, then I knew it was the day we would escape. We packed
what we needed and quietly headed off to the meet the smugglers at the sea
side. We made it to the sea side it was about 11:00 at night, when we got there
the first thing I saw was the boat we and other people were gonna use to get out
of this land of war. The first thing I thought was “wow my mom paid $4000 for us
to get on this barely working boat?? This better work!” then we got on. The
smugglers gave my brother, mother and I a life jacket, the jacket they gave my
brother could barely fit him, I worried for everyone who was about to go on this
frightening journey. The boat was extremely over crowded and I felt really scared
at this moment. When everyone finally got on to the boat we headed off to
Greece. The motor of the boat was weak I was starting to lose hope that we
would ever make it there. I'd say I have been sitting on the boat for about 2 hours
when I heard a loud bang, the motor stopped, by this time all my hope was gone.
We had no cellular devices on board so we couldn't call for help or flash the lights
to catch the attention of other sailers, we sat there praying for help. The hard
waves rocked the boat back and forth, soon water got in and started to weight
the boat down, we were gonna drown soon. The people on board tried to scoop
the water out but that did nothing to help. We all sat there cold, hungry and tired,
by this time everyone was freaking out but I sat there calm till I heard a strange
sound, the sound was getting closer, then I saw a light it was a boat, a fairly
large, the boat looked like its a bit broken down but worked very well and on that
boat with a man and woman. We screamed to catch their attention and it worked,
they started to come our way. When they reached our boat one of the refugees
explained everything that has happened to us and asked politely if the man and
woman would kindly boat us to Greece because we were only 5 or 8 kilometres
away. The man and woman agreed to boat us back but under one condition we
would have to pay them $500, we all gathered up our money and combined
them, we had just enough so all of us got on to their boat and started heading to
Greece. At the boats speed, which was not that fast it took us about 5 hours to
get to shore but we made it, we were all excited to get off the boat that when we
were all getting off on one side I felt the boat tipping over and I almost fell but my
mother grabbing my hand. Then we got off the boat and thanked the man and
woman for their kindness. My mother hugged my brother and I so tightly and
whispered in my ear “we made it“ a smile grew on my face but I knew there
would still be a huge journey a head of us.

The Starting Of A Great New Life

I was woken up by the sound of my young 19 years old sister crying and screaming. I got up to see what was going on. I opened our curtains and peeked my head out and saw military jets flying over buildings with people shooting the windows and they even shot the citizens. I knew we weren’t safe here so I quickly grabbed my sister, along with my wallet and a bag filled with snacks. My sister and I took a taxi to the coast and there I found a small white boat with broken windows, it looked like it’s in a pretty bad condition. I grabbed my wallet from my pocket and I took about $2000 in cash. The fee for the boat was $1000 for ages 18 and up while children cost $500. I was 21 years old and my sister is 19 years old so our total fees were $2000. Many people were pulling the boat with a rope so the passengers could get into the boat.  I gave the smuggler money because we needed to get away from this country. I was given a life jacket and my sister got one too. After we paid our fees, we climbed up to the crowded boat. Luckily, there was 2 more seats left for my sister and I. Just minutes after we sat on the boat, people who wanted to ride the boat had to hang on at the side of the boat because the seats were full. I feel bad for them because they could fall at anytime. There was a first aid kit placed in the boat just in case we need it for emergency. My eyes caught a sight of people swimming with tubes. The boat was heavy at the rear and the people who was swimming was under the front of the boat. I was worried because the boat might fall on them. There were smaller boats surrounding the boat we were in. I was thinking that maybe it’s for rescue just in case anything goes wrong.  I felt strong wind blowing my way. I was so lucky to bring an extra sweater because I was chilly. The other passengers were also wearing a few layers of clothing. After the boat was crowded enough, we took off to the large body of water, hoping to survive. After we’ve been in the boat for 2 hours, I started feeling ill. The darkness was reaching out for me and I suddenly… COLLAPSED!
        I was woken up by the sound of joy. I opened my eyes and we finally made it to our destination. Everyone was crying of joy, hugging each other and a few also had their phones out and it seems like they’re texting their loved ones. I went to look for my sister and as soon as we spotted each other, we ran to each other and we hugged. We were both so happy that we survived the trip. It was a new country, new laws, new governments, new people and a great new life!
By: Heart DG
Ms. Nova  LA and SS

-Kristine A. 
 7-04 LA/SS
  Ms. Nova
                          Refugee: My Life Threatening Sea Journey

          "I'm sure my mom and my baby sister are alive."
It was a cold Saturday morning when my mom woke us up telling us that
it's time to start walking so we can get on the boat. Today is the day that I'm
gonna escape Syria and attempt to start a new life in Greece with my Mom
and two other baby sisters after a massive bombing in Europe a few weeks
    "Don't go out! Don't go out!" My mom told us right after we heard about 10
gun shots in a row. Our government brought 100 terrorist to harm and
scare us. There have been some rumours going around that our
government is doing this because they want Syria for their selves. My two
baby sisters is crying and I'm trying my best to stop them and tell them it's
okay and we're gonna be safe while my mom called our friends and
observed what's going on. My mom came back with a confused look on her
face. "We're escaping Syria soon." When those words came out of my
moms mouth I felt the tears on my eyes. Syria is where I grew up. I made
some joyful memories here with my family and also sad ones. It was when
my dad left us when I was five years old because of how hard our life us.
We didn't have money and after my dad left us my mom worked hard for us
to survive and here I'am, a fully grown 12 year old girl and were gonna
attempt to start a new life.
*end of throwback*
    It was around 4am when we started walking on a wet and leafy bushes
to get to the shore so we can get on our boat. I was walking with my mom
while my other two sisters is on my and my moms back so we can get to
the shore quickly. We arrived at the shore quickly and the first that caught
my eye is the boat. It was a old, wooden boat with barely proper working
windows. Mostly and of the windows are smashed and broken. Then I
realized that my mom paid exactly $5,000 dollars so we can cross the sea.
I had a small panic attack about how it's not worth it. My mom worked hard
for us to be able to pay the fare so we can get on the boat and escape this
massive place.
        Everyone just started to get on the boat. Me and my mom got in the line
along with my two baby sisters so we can get on the boat. It was really
crowded and loud since everyone else wanted to get on first so they can
pick a spot. My mom was with one of my baby sisters and she told me to
get on first and they'll both be on the other side so they can see what's
going on. I grabbed the hand of one of my baby sisters and before we get
on the boat, my mom stopped me. She gently touched my hand and she
whispered something on my ears "I know this is risky, but this is also for our
future. Don't worry, we will get through this all together. We will stay alive."
Those were my moms last words before I noticed the tears on my eyes as I
get in the boat with one of my baby sisters that is crying too. When we got
on the boat, just like what my mom just said, I knew that we are risking our
lives by getting on this boat with 100 more people when the capacity of this
boat is only 50 people. I don't know if my mom and other baby sister
managed to get in the boat but I'm sure they will because my mom paid for
our fare. Syria is 10 hours away from Greece and there's a long way to go.
The boat just started moving and everyone yelled and cheered.
It's been 5 hours already and I realized that my sister and I fell asleep. It
was really dark and one of our fellow refugees that was close to us told me
that we fell asleep and it's already night time. My sister woke up crying
because she's hungry. I'm glad that I even managed to bring some biscuits
and a bottle of water before we get on the boat. She started eating it and
after a few seconds we heard a loud whistle. I looked across the boat and it
was the assistant captain of the boat that made that loud, alerting sound.
He had a announcement microphone on his hands and he started to say
something with it "We're having problems with our engine and we're trying
to fix it. We're still a few hours away from Greece but don't worry we're
trying our best to fix it." After that everyone started whining and yelling to
get their anger and disappointment out. After a few minutes of completely
whining voices around us, the engine started working and the boat started
moving but it was really slow. My sister started crying again and I tried my
best to stop her and drifted her off to sleep.
    It was about an hour ago when the boat completely stopped. It alerted
everyone and it made them stop whatever they're doing. Suddenly the
same man held the microphone up "Our engine completely stopped
working, we weren't expecting this since we knew it was already repaired
from earlier. I'm sorry to say this but it will take a few hours for us to fix it
since we have no idea what happened to the engine. We're only two hours
away from Greece so some of you can just wait or some of you can swim
so you wouldn't have to wait. We'll also try to get some help so don't worry."
After that, mostly everyone just started jumping from the boat without life
vests and they started swimming. Since there was no life vests and my
baby sister and I don't know how to swim, we both quickly decided that
we'll stay on the boat and wait. Then all of a sudden I remembered my
mom and my other baby sister. I started to look for them on the around the
boat and sea but I couldn't find them. Someone told me that everyone at
the shore earlier got in the boat. So I'm sure that my mom and my baby
sister is somewhere around here. My sister just woke up after taking a
really short nap. She started crying because of what's going on around us.
It was really dark and there's barely lights. After waiting for a bit I suddenly
saw a boat coming towards us and I started yelling with my full voice "help
us! Help us!" Everyone else in the boat started yelling as loud as they can.
The boat got closer to us and they started helping us transfer to their boat.
Everyone started clapping and saying "thank you" because of how
generous and kind they are. There are about 5 of them trying to help us to
transfer to their boat. Me and my baby sister is already on the rescue boat
when it just started moving. They told us that they're gonna bring us to
where the people that jumped from our boat went. I felt happy and I told my
sister that we're gonna be safe. After a few hours we arrived at a shore and
everyone started to get off the rescue boat. I recognized some people from
our boat earlier. They were really wet because they swam. Me and my
baby sister started to look for my mom and out other sibling. We were
walking around the shore for about a few minutes already looking at each
faces and our mom and other sibling were nowhere to be found. Apparently
we never gave up and we kept on walking back and forth and we still
couldn't find them. I started crying and my sister told me "don't worry,
wherever they are, they're safe. We'll get some help." I answered with an "I
hope so and thanks" and tried to bring out a small smile on my face. My
baby sisters last words were "Just remember what moms last words were
when we're about to get on the boat earlier, we will get through this
together. We will stay alive." Before my baby sister ran off to get some help.
I told myself "I'm sure my mom and my baby sister is alive."

                                                   Escaping Syria
By: Natasha Willan 
7-04 LA/SS
Ms. Nova

       It was 2:00pm on June 21,1989 when me, my mom and my two little brothers hopped into a boat filled with over 70 migrants. After a couple hours of being crowded on the boat, I started to get tired so I went inside and fell asleep, my two brothers followed me. We fell asleep for about 3 hours. It was very irritating when I was trying to fall asleep because it was very loud and people were pushing me. After a couple hours I heard a big noise and I ran outside and one of the boats windows were smashed. We were close to a shore but before everyone could get off, the boat it started to sink. I realized my mom  is the one who smashed the window because no one was allowed back into the boat. She was trying to get my attention to wake me up then I realize that my brothers were still in the boat so I distracted the guards and my mother ran inside the boat before it was too late. As soon as I saw my mom with my 2 brothers I started to cry. Once everyone decided to help out I did too. I grabbed the rope and started to pull and soon enough there was about 30 people pushing, about  10 people pulling with a rope and the others were trying to get help from other people they seen in a boat. Later after that it stopped sinking but the engine had broke. It was very devastating for everyone. We didn't get to the places we needed to be. We were all starving and we were all tired. The only things we had left were the whistles on our life jackets and flashlights. That night we saw 5 fishermen fishing and we got there attention by using our flashlights and whistles. Since they had phones, they decided to call for help. They told them about what happened and soon enough there was a whole bunch of police cars that came to help us. EVERYONE had smiles on their faces and they were all so glad they were able to get a roof over their heads, food in their stomachs and a family to look over them. I think it was well worth it because in Canada it's way better than in any other country I've been in.

By: Mikayla Bandusiak
7-04 LA/SS
Ms. Nova

          It was about 3:00pm on a chilly Thursday when it all happened. Me, my mom and my two year old brother Issa were all hiding from our Syrian Government in one of the bushes not to far from the water. After an hour and a half of hiding and trying to keep Issa quiet but also trying to keep calm we heard someone yell. We remained come until we heard someone say "Hurry the boat is going to leave"! I got up and looked through one of the trees from where I was standing. I saw a couple people I knew from my Syrian Village getting into a boat. I knew they were escaping and so did my mom! I then looked at my mom and said "let's go HURRY"! My mom  got up quickly and grabbed Issa and we ran! We were almost down at the shore when my mom suddenly stopped running and said "STOP"! I looked at her and said "Why, we don't have much time"! She started jogging a little but I could tell that something was wrong. When we got down to shore she looked at me and said "I don't have enough money and they are going to make us pay". I looked at her and said "Its ok I have a plan"! I saw a man walking towards us so I ducked. The man was only wearing swimming trunks so he must have been cold. The man approached my mom and he said "Pay $2000 for you and $1000 for your child to get onto this boat"!
My mom paid the man $3000 and both my mom and my brother were given lifejackets. and I ducked down and tried to sneak onto the boat! a man looked in my direction but luckily he didn't see me! I knew that what I did was wrong but I also knew that I had to do it and I there was no going back! After my mom paid the man I could no longer see her or my lil brother. It was getting dark and cold and I was getting even more scared then I already was. I was crammed into one of the corner on the boat. Surprisingly the small corner wasn't that bad because I managed to fall asleep. A couple more hours had passed when I woke up because all of a sudden I felt water surrounding me! I immediately stood up! The water was just above my ankles! I then realize we were thinking! I was scared! I needed to find my family! I saw people jumping off the boat with lifejackets. I was going to jump off too but since I snuck onto the boat I wasn't given a lifejacket, but I didn't had anyone time to waste. I needed to get off and find my family. The water on the boat was rising higher and higher. I thought about it for couple seconds then I jumped! I wasn't the best swimmer so I got tired after about 10 minutes. I tried to stay floating! Two minutes later a rescue team came and helped us to the closest shore. When I got off the boat I immediately looked for my family but I couldn't see them. I turned around quickly and kept on looking then I saw Issa. I ran to him so fast but when I got to him he wasn't with my mom. I kept on asking him so many times "where's mom where's mom"? All Issa said back to me was " I don't know" while he was crying. So I kept looking and looking for her. I don't know him very quickly when all of a sudden I saw her. She was standing there I knew she was looking for me too. When she saw me we both ran to each other! We are finally together! We weren't home but I knew that I was safe and I was no longer scared.

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The Residential School System
Two primary objectives of the residential school system were to remove and isolate children from the influence of their homes, families, traditions and cultures, and to assimilate them into the dominant culture. These objectives were based on the assumption Aboriginal cultures and spiritual beliefs were inferior and unequal. Today, we recognize that this policy of assimilation was wrong, has caused great harm, and has no place in our country.

                                             AND REFLECTIONS


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Grade 7 LA Weekend Assignment

Directions: Respond to the writing prompt given below. Include a beginning, middle and end. Please complete three writing tasks for Monday November 9, 2015. Students who do not finish their LA writing assignment will have to stay at lunch to complete it. 

1.).  Write about a fun experience you had during the first day of school.

2.). Write one thing you would like improved at your school and why.

3.). Which is better: cats or dogs? Convince someone why you think cats or dogs are better.